[13.12.2023] Британский бульдог British Bulldog задания и ответы для 3-4 класса (конкурс по английскому языку)

British Bulldog, также известный как Британский Бульдог, является международным игровым конкурсом по английскому языку, который проводится для школьников со 2 по 11 классы по всей России. На этой странице опубликованы Официальные Задания и Ответы по конкурсу “Британский Бульдог” для 3-4 класса.

[13.12.2023] Британский бульдог British Bulldog задания и ответы для 3-4 класса (конкурс по английскому языку)

Listen to the dialogue and answer the questions
1. Where does the man want to go?
A) To London
B) To the platform 5
C) To Oxford
D) To Bath
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2. How is the man going to get there?
A) By tram
B) By plane
C) By train
D) By bus
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3. What is the number of the platform?
A) 10
B) 1
C) 2
D) 3
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4. What does the man want to buy?
A) Ice-cream
B) Tickets
C) Books
D) Toys
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5. How much does the man pay?
A) 3 pounds
B) 10 pounds
C) 30 pounds
D) 33 pounds
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Read the text and answer the questions

There once lived a clever man with three sons. He loved them very much, but he was sorry that they often quarrelled. One day he wanted to teach them a lesson. He showed his sons a bundle of sticks and asked them to break the bundle in half. The youngest son put the bundle across his knee but couldn’t break it. The middle son put the sticks on the ground and wanted to break them with his hands. The oldest son took the ends of the bundle in each hand and tried to split it in half in front of him, but also with no result. Then their father untied the bundle and gave one stick to each son. The sons easily broke the sticks in half. “My sons”, said the wise father,

“each of you alone is as weak as one of these sticks. But if you all stand together, nobody will be able to break you”.

6. What kind of man was the father?
A) Wise
B) Stupid
C) Brave
D) Silly
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7. Why was the man often worried?
Because his sons … a lot.
A) walked
B) worked
C) argued
D) played
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8. What does “to teach them a lesson” mean in the text? To make the sons….
A) read books B) do homework
C) do exercises D) stick together
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9. What did the boys’ father do with the sticks? He … the sticks.
A) unfastened
B) cut
C) decorated
D) burnt
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10. What did the man want his sons to do in the future? To … each other.
A) fight with
B) hate
C) quarrel with
D) help and support
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11. He didn’t listen … the teacher’s instructions.
A) to B) with C) at D) –
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12. Whose cat is this?
A) It’s my
B) It’s mine
C) It’s me
D) It’s our
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13. What time … the first lesson start at?
A) is
B) do
C) does
D) has
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14. What … the men like to do?
A) do
B) does
C) is
D) are
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15. Do you like … TV?
A) watch
B) to look
C) looking
D) watching

[13.12.2023] Британский бульдог British Bulldog задания и ответы для 3-4 класса (конкурс по английскому языку)