[13-14.10.2023] Школьный этап по Английскому языку 4 класс 2023-2024 г. Республика Татарстан 16 регион

Официальные задания и ответы школьного этапа 2023-2024 всероссийской олимпиады школьников ВСОШ по Английскому языку 4 класс для Республики Татарстан 16 регион.

[13-14.10.2023] Школьный этап по Английскому языку 4 класс 2023-2024 Республика Татарстан 16 регион
Приобрести полные задания и ответы

TASK 1 Listen to the conversations and answer the questions. Choose the correct answer A or B.

You will listen to the recording twice. (Послушайте два диалога и выберите верный ответ А или В. Вы прослушаете диалоги два раза.)

Conversation 1

1 Who is speaking to Oliver?

A Mum

B Dad

2 When will Oliver practise the violin?

A after lunch

B tomorrow

3 Who will play chess with Oliver?

A Mum

B Dad

4 When will Oliver go to volleyball practice?

A this evening

B this afternoon

Conversation 2

5 What will Oliver do at six o’clock?

A leave his house

B arrive at the club

6 How long does it take Oliver to get to the club?

A 30 minutes

B 15 minutes

7 What time does volleyball practice start?

A 6.15

B 6.3

Task 1 Mary is talking to Veronica about going to the theatre. What does Veronica say? Read the

conversation and choose the best answer. Write a letter (A–H) for each answer. You do not need

to use all the letters. There is one example. (Прочитай варианты ответов в рамочке и диалог после

рамочки. Вариантов ответов больше, чем нужно, поэтому некоторые варианты тебе не

понадобятся. Ответ запиши одной буквой для каждого вопроса 1-5.)

A. I have a basketball match in the morning, but it finishes at eleven o’clock.

B. I’ve never been to the theatre before.

C. Are you sure that’s OK? I can walk if it’s a problem.

D. Cool! That’s a fun thing for you to do. ( образец )

E. That’s great! How are you going to get there on Saturday?

F. Of course we do. We’ll love it.

G. Oh yes! I’ve seen a poster with them on it.

H. I’d love to. Do I need to buy a ticket?

Mary: I’m going to the children’s theatre on Saturday afternoon.

Veronica: (0)_____D____ (образец)

Mary: Some actors and a clown will tell some funny stories.

Veronica: (1) _________

Mary: Are you free on Saturday afternoon?

Veronica: (2) _________

Mary: How about coming with us to the theatre?

Veronica: (3) _________

Mary: Don’t worry. My grandma can’t come, so you can have hers.

Veronica: (4) _________

Mary: By car. We can give you a lift if you like.

Veronica: (5) _________

Mary: I’m sure that’ll be fine. I’m so excited – it’ll be an amazing show!

Task 2 Read the story and decide whether the sentences are true or False.

A place for skateboarding

Robert’s dad worked in the park in their town. He looked after the park, and he grew all the flowers

there. The flowers looked wonderful every summer, and hundreds of people visited the park to see them.

Robert and his friend Paul loved skateboarding around the park. But there was a problem. They had to

be careful of the people who were walking on the paths, and when the park was busy, the boys couldn’t

go skateboarding there because it was too dangerous.

Last spring, Robert and his dad were talking. ‘We need a special place for skateboarding in the park,’

Robert said. Dad agreed, but added ‘I’m sorry, Robert, the park hasn’t got enough money for that.’

‘We’ll get the money!’ said Robert.

Robert and Paul collected hundreds of old plastic cups from the park’s café, and grew flowers in them.

Robert’s dad helped them. Then, every Saturday, they sold them to all the people who came to the park.

The boys collected lots of money, but not enough.

Then, in July, a journalist wrote a story about Robert and his friend in their town’s online newspaper,

which she worked for. A very kind, rich businesswoman read the story, and thought it was fantastic. She

gave the park enough money to build a brilliant place for skateboarding.

6 Robert’s father worked as a cleaner in the park. true / false

7 A lot of people visited the park in summer because they wanted to skateboard there. true / false

8 When Robert and Paul were skateboarding around the park one day they broke some flowers.

true / false

9 Robert wanted to collect some money to buy new skateboards for himself and his friend Paul.

true / false

10 The visitors bought the flowers that the boys were selling. true / false

11 A journalist asked a rich businesswoman to help the park. true / false

12 The rich businesswoman liked the story about Robert and Paul’s selling flowers. true / false

TASK 1 Read the article below about flamingos. Think of one word for each space 1-10.

(Подумай, какие слова пропали из текста. Вставь только одно слово в каждый пробел 1-10).

Flamingos are a very unusual kind (1)_______ bird. They do not look (2)_________ any other bird.

Their legs are very long and thin, and their necks are the shape of a letter ‘s’. But (3)________ strangest

thing about flamingos is that they are pink!

(4)________ are flamingos pink? Because of their food. Flamingos live in and around lakes and seas

and they eat small creatures from the water. (5)________ little creatures have lots of something called


in them. Carotenoids give carrots their orange colour, and carotenoids (6)__________ flamingos pink.

Flamingos live in large groups. (7)________ groups have thousands of flamingos in them. They often

(8)________ all on one leg in the water. It is really amazing (9)_________ you see hundreds of them

flying above you.

Many flamingos can live for 40 or 50 years. But one flamingo lived in a zoo until it (10)________ over

83 years old!

Task 2 Read the sentences and guess the word for each one. The first letter is already there.

There is one space for each letter in the word. (Угадай слова по определению. Первая буква слова

и количество букв в слове даны).


0 You eat it. It can be brown or white.


Answer: B R E A D

11 This is a person who goes to classes at school, college or university.


12 Some warm clothes are made of this. It comes from sheep and other animals.


13 This subject teaches you about numbers and how to use them.


14 This is a sport that you play in teams. You have to hit the ball with your hands or arms over a net.


15 Most bottles of water are made of this.


Your teacher asked you to write a short text about your summer holidays. Write about

what you usually do on your summer holidays, what people you meet and explain why you like summer holidays.

In your text use the words: often, homework, exciting (обязательно используйте эти слова в своем рассказе!).

Write 70-100 words.