[13-14.10.2023] Школьный этап по Английскому языку 5-6 класс 2023-2024 г. Республика Татарстан 16 регион

Официальные задания и ответы школьного этапа 2023-2024 всероссийской олимпиады школьников ВСОШ по Английскому языку 5-6 класс для Республики Татарстан 16 регион.

[13-14.10.2023] Школьный этап по Английскому языку 5-6 класс 2023-2024 Республика Татарстан 16 регион
Приобрести полные задания и ответы

Task 1 You will six different conversations. For each question, choose the correct answer. You

will hear the recording twice.

1 You will hear two students talking about a history book. They agree that

A. it should be shorter.

B. it helps with their schoolwork.

C. it has some information missing from it.

2 You will hear two friends talking about their lunch break at school. They both plan to

A. finish their homework.

B. eat the same food.

C. play games on their phones.

3 You will hear two friends talking about a film they have seen. What does the boy say about


A. It made him laugh.

B. He guessed the ending.

C. The acting was bad.

4 You will hear two friends talking about a school trip. They agree that the trip was

A. not long enough.

B. quite expensive.

C. badly organised.

5 You will hear a boy telling his friend about a science lesson with a new teacher. What does

the boy say about the new teacher?

A. She asked a lot of questions.

B. She made the lesson fun.

C. She knew her subject well.

6 You will hear two friends talking about where to have a party. Why do they prefer the park to

the sports club?

A. There’s lots of space.

B. They can play games there.

C. It’s in a convenient location.

Task 1 The people below (1-5) all want to visit an ice cream factory with their families. There

are also descriptions of eight ice cream factories. Decide which factory A-H would be the most

suitable for the people below.

1 Sam. Sam wants to visit a factory where they’ll organize something special for his

birthday, and where he’ll see everything that’s involved in producing ice cream. His

parents want to spend some time outdoors during their visit.

2 Julia. Julia’s family would like to go to a factory that makes ice cream using traditional

methods. Julia wants to try out different activities there, and make something that

she can take home.

3 Kenneth. Kenneth wants to see a factory that cares about its effects on the environment, and

would like to find out how new flavours are invented. His dad enjoys visiting

historically interesting buildings.

4 Amanda. Amanda would like to create her own ice cream using a variety of ingredients. Her

mum wants to try other products the factory makes, and find something to entertain

Amanda’s small sister.

5 John. John would like to visit a factory where they produce ice cream with unusual

flavours, and buy a souvenir there. His mum wants to find out about the history of

the company.


A Linda’s farm isn’t only famous for top-quality ice cream, but home-made cakes too – taste a range of them while you’re here! Have a go at making ice cream yourself, adding whatever you fancy, from chocolate to vegetables! A perfect birthday activity – and there’s an indoor playground for young children, too!

B Pembroke’s has used the same methods for 50 years to produce first-class ice cream and celebration cakes! Based in an old country farmhouse, the building was the site of several interesting historical vents. Visit the cows that produce our milk, and hear our plans for remaining environmentally friendly.

C Redmond’s has made ice cream since 1900, and is one of the country’s favourites! The tour includes a talk about how Redmond’s was set up and how the business has developed over the years. The shop has great gifts and, in the café, try out strange but delicious ice cream varieties, including pea and blue cheese!

D At Wesley’s, we still make ice cream and cakes the same way it’s been done for a hundred years. Help bake cakes in the visitors’ kitchen, and record a Wesley’s ad on a DVD you can keep! Visit the beautiful 18th-century farmhouse and meet the cows that produce our milk!

E At Blue Bell’s, visitors will enjoy walking through the huge gardens and young children will love the animals at Pets’ Corner. In the factory building, try our many flavours of ice cream, and get a souvenir from the fantastic shop – including some free ice cream!

F Alba’s factory is famous for its beautiful gardens and fantastic children’s activities! Come and watch how ice cream is made, starting with collecting the milk. See machines turn it into ice cream, and finally, eat some! And if it’s an important celebration, we’ll make an ice-cream cake just for you!

G Somerset’s has made ice cream for 100 years – and it’s always delicious! See everything we do – from caring for our animals and the surrounding environment, to producing a variety of popular ice cream flavours! Try our delicious cakes and ice cream, and get a souvenir T-shirt to take home with you!

H Two Sisters’ is based in what was once the largest cotton factory in the area, designed by a well-known 19th-century architect. The factory now operates completely on wind power, and has won prizes for its recycling methods. Visit the lab where food scientists develop delicious and unusual flavours, and try making your own ice cream!

Task 2 Read the text about Halloween and complete the sentences 6-10 with the missing parts

A-H. There are more parts of sentences than you need. Halloween means ‘holy evening’ and takes place on October, 31 Although it is a much more important festival in the United States than Britain, (6) ________ . It is particularly connected with witches and ghosts. At parties girls usually dress up in strange costumes and (7) __________ . Boys choose to wear costumes of ghosts or monsters. There is a tradition to cut horrible faces in pumpkins and other vegetables and (8) ___________ , which shines through the eyes. People may play difficult games such as trying to eat an apple from a bucket of water without using their hands. In recent years children dressed in scary costumes knock on doors at Halloween and ask the hosts if they would like a ‘trick’ or a ‘treat’. If the hosts give them something nice – a ‘treat’ – (9) _________ . However, if you don’t, (10) ___________ , such as making a lot of noise or spilling flour on the hosts’ front step!

A. put a mouse inside

B. they go away

C. few people in the UK celebrate it.

D. they play a ‘trick’ on you

E. it is celebrated by many people in the UK

F. put a candle inside

G. are able to fly on a broom.

H. pretend they are witches or princesses

Task 1 Read the text below and choose ONE correct word for each space. (Подумайте, какие

слова пропали из текста. Вставьте только одно слово в каждый пробел 1-10).


What is money? The pound, the dollar or the euro are actually just similar (1) … a gram or a

kilometre. The difference is that you can exchange money (2) … something else. A ten pound note

may buy a book, a huge bag of sweets, or a couple (3) … cinema tickets. But the note itself is only a

printed (4) … of paper which costs almost nothing to make. Thousands of years (5) …, people didn’t

have money as we know it. There were no banks (6) … even shops. In those days, Mr Green the

farmer exchanged the corn he (7) … grown for Mr Hive’s honey. This was an exchange arranged

between two people, each of whom had something that (8) … other wanted. But in time, most

societies invented their (9) … ‘currencies’ (валюта) so that people could exchange more. The

different currencies began to join (10) … , which is why today everyone uses the same currency in

their country.

Task 2 Сomplete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first. Use NO MORE

THAN THREE words. Write only the missing words on your answer sheet. (Допишите второе

предложение так, чтобы оно по смыслу было похоже на первое предложение.)

Example: We had an exhibition of our art work in the school hall last night.

There __was__an exhibition of our art work in the school hall last night.

11 Yesterday it snowed all day. It didn’t ____________________ yesterday.

12 Last year wasn’t as cold as this year. This year is __________________ last year was.

13 How much is it to go skiing? What ______________ to go skiing?

14 Do you know who these skis belong to? Do you know _____________ these skis are?

15 James can ski well. James is _______________ skiing.

16 Driving in heavy snow isn’t easy. Heavy snow makes it _______________ drive.


Write an interesting story with the title “A Difficult Day”.

In your story you must use the words and expressions: Home sweet home; a difficulty; (to) look

forward to. You can change the words as you need. Write 90-130 words.

A Difficult Day

Write an interesting story with the title “A Difficult Day”. In your story you must use the words and expressions: Home sweet home; a difficulty; (to) look forward to. You can change the words as you need. Write 90-130 words.