[13-14.10.2023] Школьный этап по Английскому языку 9-11 класс 2023-2024 г. Республика Татарстан 16 регион

Официальные задания и ответы школьного этапа 2023-2024 всероссийской олимпиады школьников ВСОШ по Английскому языку 9-11 класс для Республики Татарстан 16 регион.

[13-14.10.2023] Школьный этап по Английскому языку 9-11 класс 2023-2024 Республика Татарстан 16 регион
Приобрести полные задания и ответы


Task 1 You will hear three different extracts. For questions 1-6, choose the answer A-C which fits best according to what you hear. There are two questions for each extract. The recording is played TWICE. Write your answers IN CAPITAL LETTERS on the separate answer sheet.

Extract One – You hear two people talking about public speaking.

1.Both speakers refer to a feeling of

A over-confidence.

B embarrassment.

C achievement.

2.The two speakers agree that a big problem with speaking in public is

A losing the audience’s attention during a speech.

B choosing the wrong content for a speech.

C feeling nervous at the thought of giving a speech.

Extract Two – You hear part of a radio programme about the London


3 The poster campaign came at a time when

Avarious aspects of life in London were changing.

B many people were reluctant to travel on the Underground.

C the use of posters for advertising was increasing.

4.What does Zoe say about the content of the posters?

A It only appealed to a certain type of person.

B It contrasted with real life for many people.

C It influenced the lifestyles of some people.

Extract Three – You hear two people discussing the news media.

5.What opinion does the man express about the news media?

A It doesn’t deserve its reputation.

B It has become more influential.

C Its standards have risen.

6.The woman mentions medical stories

A to explain her attitude to the news media.

B to illustrate the importance of the news media.

C to describe why people dislike the news media.

Task 2 You will hear an interview with someone who has been having ballet

lessons. For questions 7-12, choose the best answer A-C. The recording is

played TWICE. Write your answers IN CAPITAL LETTERS on the separate

answer sheet.

7.What does Rupert say about the fact that he is doing ballet classes?

A Other people have ridiculed him for it.

B He expects to be mocked for it.

C It is not as unusual as people might think.

D People may think it isn’t really true.

8.Rupert says that before he started doing ballet lessons

A he had been doing routine physical fitness training.

B his knowledge of ballet had been growing.

C ballet had taken over from football as his greatest interest.

D he had been considering doing ballroom dancing again.

9.Rupert says that when the idea of ballet lessons was suggested to him,

A he thought it was a joke.

B he was unsure exactly what would be involved.

C he began to have unrealistic expectations of what he could achieve.

D he initially lacked the confidence to do it.

10.One of the advantages of ballet that Rupert mentions is that

A it leads to fewer injuries than other physical activities.

B it has both physical and mental effects.

C it is particularly good for certain parts of the body.

D it is more interesting than other forms of exercise.

11.What does Rupert say about the sessions?

A The content of them is varied.

B Some of the movements in them are harder than others for him.

C All of the movements in them have to be done accurately.

D They don’t all involve basic movements.

12.What does Rupert say about his progress at ballet?

A It has been much more rapid than he had expected.

B It has made him consider giving up his other training.

C It has given him greater appreciation of the skills of professionals.

D It has led him to enroll for certain exams.

READING – 15 баллов (1 балл за правильный ответ), 40 минут

Task 1 Read the passage below and for questions 1-15, answer by choosing

from sections A-D. Some of the choices may be required more than once.

Write your answers IN CAPITAL LETTERS on the separate answer sheet.

People at Work

Person A

Name: Adrian Bohane

Occupation: Sales director of a company selling satellite imagery I usually work in the mornings and afternoons but because the company headquarters are based in Canada, I often have to turn on my personal computer as soon as I get home from the office to check for emails. This means about three hours more work after I should have finished for the day. My main job is to look after thirty distributors in my area so I spend much of my day making contact with them. I often attend conferences on satellite data and also do presentations to explain to clients about the industry. Most clients come from an academic background as satellite data is often used for scientific reasons. The high point of the job has to be the excellent opportunity I have to travel and it is great to mix with people from so many nationalities. Conversely, travelling can sometimes be a low as I am never at home and it involves working on my own a great deal of the time. Sometimes it is difficult to remain connected and know exactly what is going on at head office.However, at the end of the day I am my own boss – which is nice – so I only really have to worry about me.

In my free time I like to travel and go diving, but as I am so busy with work there is very little time for any of this. What little time I do have off is spent relaxing with friends, eating out or working in the garden.

Person B

Name: Victoria Williamson

Occupation: PA to an all-girl pop band I was actually part of the girls’ management team for two months, before they asked me to be their PA. If we’re in America, I get up at 6 a.m. to stay in touch with London – getting up so early can be really difficult! – but in Europe, I get up around 9.3 a.m. l go to the hotel gym, make sure everyone’s up, check in with security and confirm the day’s appointments and interviews. I’m the link between the girls and the record company, stylists, accountants and print media. Now that they manage themselves, there’s also a lot of legal paperwork to be signed and returned quickly. I’m working all the time that I’m awake. I don’t have breaks as such, and I’m often up until 2 a.m.But because the girls have such a great sense of humour and fun, it’s always a real laugh. And at times we can get really emotional together. Working for women is fantastic because they’re much more on my wavelength than any of the male bosses I’ve had.

Person C

Name: Dr Heather Hall

Occupation: Assistant curator at a major zoo I arrive at the zoo at about 7.45 a.m. and catch up on what’s happening in the aquarium and reptile house. If I have time before my department meetings, I walk round each section and talk to the keepers about any problems that may have come up. I oversee about 2,000 animals, and we are constantly reviewing which animals we want to keep.If we’re left with just one individual animal from a particular species, we try to send it to join a breeding programme at another zoo. After lunch – usually something to eat at my desk – I open my post, which includes letters and questionnaires from students and other zoos, which I respond to. My afternoon work is likely to be more diverse. I work closely with a group of scientists at the

Institute of Zoology, working on population and species management. I show

visitors from other zoos and institutes around, talking them through the setup.I also

give lectures to students, anglers, fish hobbyists and members of the public. I finish

work at 6 p.m., when somebody else takes over, and if I sometimes spend evenings

at home, catching up on reading or research, that’s really for my own interest.

Person D

Name: Hannah Latham

Occupation: Motorcycle courier

I do about fifteen to twenty-five pick-ups a day. I mainly pick up and deliver small packets – that’s all fairly standard, but sometimes I take passports to embassies, wait for visas to be issued, or pay cheques into banks. Some of the requests can be quite strange: I once had to deliver 20 cream cheese bagels to a café! A lot of my work is in inner London, so I have to be really careful, especially in wet weather. The job takes a lot of concentration, and I occasionally get angry with drivers, but I have to control my road rage as it impairs my riding. I used to get lost quite a bit at first, but it didn’t take long to develop my map-reading skills. I do feel really satisfied when I’ve had a good day, and I don’t seem to have any problems switching off in the evening. I used to work Saturdays, too, but now my weekends are completely taken up with motorcycle racing, which is my new passion.

Which person…

1.liaises with his/her staff in person?___

2.feels great empathy with his/her employers?___

3.encountered difficulties with the job initially?___

4.occasionally feels the need for more contact with people?___

5.liaises with an academic body?___

6.enjoys working independently?___

7.routinely works beyond the stipulated hours?___

8.liaises between his/her clients and other professionals?___

9.can no longer offer complete flexibility of working hours?___

10.informs people how his/her organisation works?___

11.sometimes loses track of what is happening elsewhere in his/her organisation? ___

12.gives lectures to groups of business clients?___

13.has to hold his/her emotions in check?___

14.is co-operative with organisations similar to his/her own?___

15.regards the main part of his/her job as routine?___

USE OF ENGLISH – 28 баллов, 40 минут

Task 1 For questions 1-5 complete the spaces by finding one word which fits in all three sentences. Write your answers IN CAPITAL LETTERS on the separate answer sheet.

1) It’s easy; just … the camera at your subject and then press this button. The company will … their new ad campaign at the 16-24 age group. Most people who … high are more hard-working than those who don’t.

2) The conference delegates were shown to their … at the table. Now that Jack’s finally got his MBA and found a job, he’s really going …. The friends were pleased when they were both offered …… at the same


3) Charles went … out to get his dream job in public relations, and succeeded. Ewan and James have an ambitious plan to ride their motorbikes … the way to Asia and back. The suggestion that cameras be installed in their offices was not at … popular with the staff.

4) Undefended at the far …, the player headed the ball into the net. If there’s no need to take it there yourself, you can just send it by …. His … on the web site was full of abbreviations, spelling mistakes and poor grammar.