[13.12.2023] Британский бульдог British Bulldog задания и ответы для 7-8 класса (конкурс по английскому языку)

British Bulldog, также известный как Британский Бульдог, является международным игровым конкурсом по английскому языку, который проводится для школьников со 2 по 11 классы по всей России. На этой странице опубликованы Официальные Задания и Ответы по конкурсу “Британский Бульдог” для 7-8 класса.

[13.12.2023] Британский бульдог British Bulldog задания и ответы для 7-8 класса (конкурс по английскому языку)

Listen to the dialogue and choose the variants which correspond to the text

1. What was the man driving?
A) A bicycle
B) A bike
C) A scooter
D) An automobile
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2. When did the man have a crash?
A) A week ago
B) Yesterday
C) A month ago
D) Two days ago
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3. What was the man going to do with his car? He was going to ….
A) paint it
B) sell it
C) wash it
D) have his car repaired
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4. What did the man do to prevent the crash?
A) He did nothing
B) He overtook the scooter
C) He changed his way
D) He pressed the brakes
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5. Which part of the man’s car did the scooter hit?
A) The roof
B) The hood
C) The side
D) The bumper
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6. Was the scooter’s driver hurt?
A) He had bruises
B) He broke his arm
C) He broke his leg
D) He didn’t suffer
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7. Who did the boy drive the scooter with?
A) He was alone
B) With his fellow traveller
C) He was lonely
D) With his dog
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8. Who broke his arm?
A) The fellow traveller of the scooter’s driver
B) The driver of the car
C) The scooter’s driver
D) The dog
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9. Who will have to pay for the damage to the car?
A) The man himself
B) The boy’s insurance company
C) It’s not clear yet
D) The scooter’s driver
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10. What does the scooter’s driver need to put on to avoid injury?
A) A hat
B) A cap
C) A helmet
D) A panama
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Read the text and answer the questions

There are many legends about Robin Hood. He was a Saxon by birth. He was an outlaw and a robber, but he robbed only the rich and helped the poor. He was a popular legendary character and many English writers mentioned his name in their works, for example Shakespeare and Walter Scott. Together with his friends they lived in Sherwood Forest. But today Sherwood Forest is famous not only as home of Robin Hood, but also as a natural habitat for rare and unique birds, beetles and bats. Sherwood Forest is one of the best natural sites in England, it is a National Nature Reserve.

It is most famous for its massive ancient oak trees which have inspired visitors and writers for centuries.

There are more than one thousand oaks, some more than five hundred years old. More than one thousand species of beetles and spiders have been found there as well as more than two hundred species of fungi.

There, you can also meet some unique animals and birds, such as the great spotted woodpecker, tawny owl, redstart, and a number of bat species. For over six hundred years the forest remained the property of the Crown, was used as a source of timber and grazing and as a hunting ground for the Kings and Queens of England. Today’s 200-hectare Sherwood Forest is the first National Nature Reserve in Nottinghamshire.

11. Robin Hood was..
A) a Norman
B) a sheriff
C) a bandit
D) a pirate
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12. How did Robin Hood treat the well-to-do people?
A) He helped them
B) He gave money to them
C) He took care of them
D) He took their property
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13. Many writers liked to … Robin Hood.
A) write about
B) paint
C) speak with
D) dispute with
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14. These types of trees make Sherwood Forest well-known.
A) Birch
C) Poplar
B) Maple
D) Oak
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15. The majority of oaks in the forest are … years old.
A) less than 500
B) more than 1000
C) over 800
D) 1000

[13.12.2023] Британский бульдог British Bulldog задания и ответы для 7-8 класса (конкурс по английскому языку)